Andrea Locaspi

Research interests From a general point of view, my research interest consists in modelling thermal conversion processes to produce either energy or valuable compounds from solid wastes. At present, my main research activity focuses on a detailed kinetic and fluid dynamic description of plastic conversion. Thermal conversion allows to produce valuable hydrocarbon mixtures that may […]

Andrea Nobili

Research interests My research activity focuses on formation and oxidation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and carbonaceous particles (soot) in laminar flames. Particular attention in being given to study the main chemical and physical pathways of large aromatic species and their transition from gas-phase to solid-state in combustion processes, in order to identify the best […]

Edoardo Cipriano

Research interests My research activity focuses on the development of detailed CFD models which are able to describe the kinetics and fluid dynamics involved in the process of combustion of heavy fuel oil. More in general, my research interests are: Education profile November 2020 – Present. Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di […]

Edoardo Ramalli

Research interests My research interests are in extracting knowledge from scientific data. It starts from developing a framework capable of collecting scientific data, like combustion kinetics, to interpret, simulate and validate them in an automatic way. Furthermore, my research concerns applying big data analysis techniques such as data quality analysis, extrapolation of correlation between the […]

Francesco Serse

Research interests My research activity is focused on the assessment of detailed kinetic mechanisms of pyrolysis and combustion processes in gas phase and in condensed phase by means of electronic structure calculations. In particular, my research interests concern the thermal degradation of plastics and soot nucleation and growth from a gaseous source. Education profile November […]

Muhammad Ahsan Amjed

Research interests My research interests are multidisciplinary but mainly focused on renewable energy, biofuel conversions and thermodynamics. At present, I’m working on “conversion of raw biomass to high efficiency bio fuels with concentrated solar power (CSP) plant” which involve computational fluid dynamic and thermodynamics modeling with detailed study of chemical reaction inside reactor to understand […]