Agnes Livia Bodor

Research interests Nowadays we pay more and more attention to the pollutant generation at all burning processes therefore it is important that we can describe and predict these processes well and this way develop our equipments. We would like to be effective therefore spare simulation time as much as possible. Soot generation at natural gas […]

Ali Shamooni Pour Dezfouli

Research interests Turbulent combustion modelling: RANS and LES of turbulent flames with detailed chemistry, Turbulence chemistry interaction models.Artificial Thickened Flame (ATF) model. Its applications includes: Premixed flame propagation and fast deflagrations, MILD combustion, Laminar combustion modelling Numerical simulation of micro flames with detailed chemistry. Its applications includes: Dynamics of flames in micro channels. Methods to reduce the computational cost of using detailed […]

Ghobad Bagheri

Research interests My research interests are centered in the area of combustion and energy, and I am particularly interested in the application of CFD simulation in flameless and micro-scale combustion systems. During my Masters in UTM, I joined the High Speed Reacting Flow laboratory (HiREF) to develop a 3D turbulence model of their lab-scale flameless […]

Giancarlo Gentile

Research interests My research activity is focused on the modeling processes for the thermo-valorization of solid fuels, like coal, biomass and waste. In particular, I am working on the development of a comprehensive CFD tool able to support the technological implementation of new processes for the effective exploitation of solid fuels potential. The new code […]

Mattia Bissoli

Research interests My research activity is focused on the role of kinetics in internal combustion engines and, in particular, on the coupling of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engines and bio-fuels. In my PhD I’ve developed a new predictive model for the simulation of the thermo-fluid dynamics in HCCI engines, able to accounts for the […]