Kinetic models for real fuels: fuel components for jet fuels



MSc Thesis RealFuelsReal world fuels are mixtures of hundreds of components, each one with a complex chemistry. In order to model their combustion behavior, simpler mixtures of selected components are used (fuel surrogates) and detailed kinetic models are developed for each one of these components.
This thesis work focuses on developing kinetic models for fuel components relevant to jet fuel combustion. Alkylated cycloalkanes and iso-alkanes with different levels of branching are important classes of hydrocarbons in both traditional and alternative jet fuels. Based on the existing literature and the current framework of the CRECK kinetic model, the student will develop kinetic models able to capture the combustion behavior these components and to apply them to the simulation of real world aviation fuels.



Duration: 12 months

Experimental activities: no

Skills: basics of chemical kinetics

Advisor: Marco Mehl

People involved: Matteo Pelucchi