Error Analysis (060110)



Alessio Frassoldati

Giancarlo Gentile (Teaching Assistant)



Error Analysis. Measurements and uncertainties. Expected value and best measurement. Inferential measurements and error propagation. Systematic and random errors. Description of the statistical data. Distribution, histogram and frequency curves. Statistical measures: Location (mean, median and mode) and variability (variance). Fundamental concepts of probability. Measurements as random variables. Expected value and variance of a random variable. Statistical distribution. Normal and Standard Normal Distribution. Sampling distribution of the mean. Statistical Inference. Population and samples. Statistical estimation. Estimators and Estimates. Maximum likelihood estimation. Interval estimates. Hypothesis testing. Test of best fitting. Correlation analysis. Covariance. Correlation coefficient. Mathematical modeling of correlated measures. Regressions. Linear regression using least squares. Parameter estimations. Confidential interval of parameters and predictions. Coefficient of determination. Multiple Regression. Model evaluation and comparisons of models.



Examination consists of a written test with exercises to be solved. Once the written part has been successfully passed, the student has to take the oral exam on the theoretical aspects.


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