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Detailed kinetic mechanisms and CFD of reacting flows

Face Cipriano

Francesco Serse

PhD Candidate

Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Phone: +390223993205

Fax: +390270638173

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Research interests

My research activity is focused on the assessment of detailed kinetic mechanisms of pyrolysis and combustion processes in gas phase and in condensed phase by means of electronic structure calculations. In particular, my research interests concern the thermal degradation of plastics and soot nucleation and growth from a gaseous source.

Education profile

November 2020 - Present. Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

September 2018 - October 2020. Master Degree in Chemical Engineering at “Politecnico di Milano”. Thesis: “First principles assessment of the analogy between gas-phase and gas-solid activation energies of hydrogen abstraction reactions on Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons”. Advisor: Prof. Matteo Maestri

September 2014 – February 2018. Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Thesis: “ultrasounds induced transesterification of vegetable oils”.