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Detailed kinetic mechanisms and CFD of reacting flows

Face Bertolino

Andrea Bertolino

PhD Candidate

Aero-Thermo-Mechanics Laboratory, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Bruxelles (BE).

Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Phone: +32 486 360413

Fax: +39 02 7063 8173

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Research interests

My main research activity focuses on the use of optimization and uncertainty quantification methods in kinetic modelling of mechanisms for the combustion of e-fuels. Particular attention is being given to non-conventional combustion regimes, such as MILD, and to the development of tools for the optimization of existing models using large number of kinetic parameters and experimental observations.

Education profile

2017 - Present. F.R.N.S. FRIA fellow. Double-degree PhD Student at Université Libre de Bruxelles and Politecnico di Milano

2014 - 2017. Master of science in Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry – Politecnico di Milano. Thesis title: “Flammability limits modelling using a laminar flame speed-based method for pure fuels and mixtures.” Advisor: Prof. Alessio Frassoldati