The CRECK Modeling Group

Detailed kinetic mechanisms and CFD of reacting flows

Alessandro StagniAlessandro Stagni

Assistant Professor (RTDa)

Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

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Research interests

My research activity deals with the chemical-kinetic analysis of reacting systems of hydrocarbons, and is ultimately targeted at accommodating the information included in detailed kinetic mechanisms into large-scale computations. For this reason, my research interest is devoted, to a large extent, to the reduction of chemical kinetic mechanisms to a skeletal level, in such a way to allow their use for the numerical applications of interest. Starting from the lumping methodology to model the combustion and pyrolysis of hydrocarbons with a lower number of species, my work in the recent years has been first focused to attaining a further level of reduction through the implementation of approaches based on flux analysis and sensitivity analysis. As a result, a numerical tool for mechanism reduction, called DoctorSMOKE, has been finalized. Acquiring such a capability paved the way to carry out fundamental studies targeted at getting a deeper insight on the interaction between kinetics and fluid dynamics on the ignition behavior and pollutants formation. 


Teaching activities

Chemical Reaction Engineering (Teaching Assistant)


Education profile

  • June 2017 - Present. Assistant Professor (RTDa) at Politecnico di Milano
  • July 2016 - June 2017. Postdoctoral research fellow at Politecnico di Milano.
  • February - November 2015. Visiting Student Researcher at Stanford University (Prof. Ihme's group)
  • November 2012 - July 2016. PhD in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
  • September - December 2011. Internship at Procter & Gamble. Process Engineer in R&D Microprocessing Department
  • 2009-2011. Double Degree in Chemical Engineering at Alta Scuola Politecnica (Politecnico di Milano - Politecnico di Torino). Multidisciplinary Project: "REPACK: Sustainable Packaging for Fast Moving Consumer Goods", sponsored by Procter & Gamble.
  • 2009-2011. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Thesis title: "Metodi Numerici di Calcolo Parallelo per la soluzione di reti di reattori". Advisors: Prof. Tiziano Faravelli and Prof. Alberto Cuoci
  • 2006-2009. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Thesis title: "Modellazione di un impianto IGCC". Advisors: Prof. Tiziano Faravelli and Ing. Luca Mancuso (Foster Wheeler Italiana).


Recent publications

  • Stagni, A., Frassoldati, A., Cuoci, A., Faravelli, T., & Ranzi, E., Skeletal mechanism reduction through species-targeted sensitivity analysis. Combustion and Flame (2016), 163, 382-393. DOI:10.1016/j.combustflame.2015.10.013
  • Stagni A., Cuoci A., Frassoldati A., Faravelli T., Ranzi E., Lumping and Reduction of Detailed Kinetic Schemes: an effective coupling. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research (2014) 53 (22), 9004-9016. DOI:10.1021/ie403272f
  • Stagni A., Cuoci A., Frassoldati A., Faravelli T., Ranzi E., "A fully coupled, parallel approach for the post processing of CFD data through reactor network analysis", (2014) Computers & Chemical Engineering, 60, pp 197-212, DOI:10.1016/j.compchemeng.2013.09.002
  • Cuoci A., Frassoldati A., Stagni A., Faravelli T., Ranzi E., Buzzi-Ferraris G., Numerical modeling of NOx formation in turbulent flames using a kinetic post-processing technique, Energy & Fuels (2013), DOI:10.1021/ef3016987
  • Stagni A., Cuoci A., Frassoldati A., Faravelli T., Ranzi E., Effect of clustering on reactor network models, XXXV Meeting of the Italian Section of the Combustion Institute, Milano (Italy) (2012), DOI:10.4405/35proci2012.IV6