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Download here our kinetic mechanisms for non-hydrocarbon fuels

modular mechanismThe kinetic schemes provided by CRECK Modeling at Politecnico di Milano are hierarchically organized: moving from the "Hydrogen mechanism" up to the "Complete mechanism: low and high temperature". All the schemes are self consistent, i.e., they already include the previous submechanisms. All the mechanisms are available with or without NOx reactions. All these mechanisms are in CHEMKIN format, they are compatible with version 3.6.2 and above.

The mechanisms are freely available.

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Special mechanisms


Detailed kinetic mechanism for HCl and Cl2          



Detailed kinetic mechanism of NH3 pyrolysis and oxidation          


Try the OpenSMOKE++ Suite

Do you need to simulate ideal reactors or laminar 1D flames? Why do not try the OpenSMOKE++ Suite from CRECK Modeling Lab? The OpenSMOKE++ Suite is a collection of standard solvers for modeling the typical systems of interest in developing and testing detailed kinetic mechanisms (including thousands of species and reactions).