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Detailed kinetic mechanisms and CFD of reacting flows

Fluid mechanics and Transport phenomena (089257)



Tiziano Faravelli

Alberto Cuoci (Teaching Assistant)



The course aims to initiate the students to the use of conservation equations and transport phenomena at an introductory level. The equations refer to fluid dynamics, energy and mass conservations. The first part of the course gives some fundamentals about fluid mechanics.



Conservation equations. Mass, Species, Energy and Momentum balances.

Fluid properties. Density; surface tension; capillarity; vapor pressure; viscosity of Newtonian and non Newtonian fluids

Fluid statics. Manometers; thrusts; bouyancy; equilibrium of immersed bodies.

Fluid dynamics. Bernoulli equation; Pitot tube, Venturi tube; efflux from a tank; compressibile fluids. Momentum conservation; laminar and turbulent flows; flow in tubes. Velocity profiles; pressure drops. Boundary layer.

Energy transport. Conduction and conductivity; Fourier equation. Free and forced convention; Conduction and convection. Heat exchangers. Radiation; absorption and emission; Plank and Wien laws; view factor.

Mass transport. Reaction rate and Arrhenius law. Diffusion; Fick law. Mass convection.



Examination consists of a written test with exercises to be solved. Once the written part has been successfully passed, the student has to take the oral exam on the theoretical aspects.


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Supplementary Material

Supplementary material (presentations, notes, exercises, results of examinations, communications, etc.) can be downloaded here

Natta Lecture Award 2015

The Natta Lecture Award 2015 will be conferred to Prof. Katharina Kohse-Hoeinghaus from the University of Bielefeld on the 6th Nov. 2015 in Rogers Conference Room at 14:00

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