The CRECK Modeling Group

Detailed kinetic mechanisms and CFD of reacting flows

Chemical Plants and Processes (093596-093598)



Alessandro Stagni



This course deals with the different topics related to the unit operations of chemical engineering and their application in processes which are relevant for both the transformation and utilization the energy resources.



It provides the methods needed for the design and operation of the equipments used for separation and purification operations by distillation, absorption adsorption and extraction. Description of the role of transport phenomena end chemical equilibrium in influencing the performance of stage and packed columns.



Examination consists of a written test with exercises to be solved.


Official site

Politecnico di Milano


Supplementary Material

Supplementary material (presentations, notes, exercises, results of written examinations, communications, etc.) can be downloaded here

Natta Lecture Award 2015

The Natta Lecture Award 2015 will be conferred to Prof. Katharina Kohse-Hoeinghaus from the University of Bielefeld on the 6th Nov. 2015 in Rogers Conference Room at 14:00

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